The completed Tiree Tapestry was finally hung in its place in An Talla in June 2014 (the 12 photos in this gallery were taken for us by Tor MacDonald – thank you Tor). The Tapestry is 18 feet long, with 12 panels showing aspects of a Tiree Day, from early morning to the middle of the night. The border contains a Gaelic song, ‘Am Falbh Thu Leam, a Ribhinn Òig?’, known on the island as the ‘Tiree National Anthem’. You can click any image to see the full picture.

We hung the Tapestry on Monday 30th June, ready for the unveiling at An Talla’s 10th birthday party on Tuesday 1st July, when the Tiree community and visitors had the opportunity to see the Tapestry for the first time in all its glory. We hope it will be enjoyed by users of An Talla for many years to come.

at the unveiling

And here we are…